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Blow Drying 101

Ahhh the dreaded blow dryer,we hate the fact that we need to use it, yet it can help us achieve so many different looks, we would be lost with out it.  Well, I’m here to give you some styling tips on how to properly use and style your hair with it.

First things first, invest in a good dryer.  You know that old rule of thumb you get what you pay for?  Well, it’s very true in this situation.  If you are drying your hair on a daily basis, make sure you have something that is decent.  Because, I can tell you first hand how many people I have seen come in the salon with fried, split ends because their blow dryer is too hot, and that’s not what most people want their end result to look like.

So, whether you are trying to achieve maximum volume or smoothness, the next step is to choose the right product and brushes.  For volume use products that give hair a boost, like Thickeyfy Foam by Sebastian.  To smooth the hair, cream or serum textured products seal in moisture and make hair resistant to humidity, while at the same time, taming frizz and creating maximum shine.  We love Smoothing Cream by Pureology, and Super Skinny by Paul Mitchell.  As for brushes, my favorites are the ceramic type, they are gentle on the hair and are great for both volume and creating smoothness.  If you want more volume use a smaller brush, for a straight sleek look, opt for a slightly larger brush.  Looking to enhance your natural curl? The best thing to do is get a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment, and dry hair on a low cool setting with a mousse,  like Mousse Forte by Sebastian.

Here are some expert tips to ensure a great blow dry every time.  Make sure you remove most of the moisture from your hair prior to drying, this is not only going to save you time, but it saves your hair from excessive heat as well.  Also, section your hair in small sub-sections, this will give you control over the hair you are blow drying.  Lastly, be sure that the nozzle of the hair dryer is pointed in a downward position with the section of hair on the brush.  This will ensure that the cuticle of the hair will look smooth and not frizzy!

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